Who am I?

I attempted to define myself in few words for this section but as one can guess am not yet there! I am still discovering those few words that I truly relate to but till I get there, here are a few facts about myself –

  1. Born and raised in capital city of India though traveled through Bharat from the narrations and stories of family and friends.
  2. Modest upbringing in single income household helped learn early lessons on frugality.
  3. Though education focused on earning credentials for entry into corporate world, the real learning happened by remaining mindful of surrounding developments.
  4. Many misses in life and no-where close to initial plan except for one.
  5. And to think of it that’s the most important as it gives freedom to decide what to do as a day-job.

Why this website?

The numerous conversations with colleagues, friends, family and neighbors forced me to delve a bit deeper into the aspect of how people save and invest. While each one have their own way which suits their situation, many of these conversations did bring out a common theme that the most important focus is on ensuring flow of income and rest is left to either advisors or parents or bankers or God! This is also fine as long as these decisions are reviewed periodically by asking right questions.

Thus, the aim here is to share my own experiences and learning of (passively) managing the investments alongside work and other commitments; and empower people to take better control of their investments – at least figuratively by asking right questions and knowing the risks involved, though this is possible literally too with various tools available now.

What to expect?

With an aim to benefit the larger cohort to consciously move towards becoming sensible and conscious about their financial lives, the articles could cover views on topical subjects, portfolio planning, asset allocation, risk evaluation and some help on tools which could be useful for DIY investors.

Stay safe, stay sane!

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