Riding the interest rate cycle with Repo-linked loans!

RBI last year introduced external benchmark linked retail loans with an objective to hasten the transmission of declining interest rate to retail and MSME borrowers in a transparent manner. This definitely seems a step in the right direction for borrowers – but what is good for consumers may not be so for the lender. LetContinue reading “Riding the interest rate cycle with Repo-linked loans!”

Term Insurance – A win-win Proposition!

As I sat down to pay my annual insurance premium, I also started to reflect on the latest earnings announcement of most private Indian life insurers made about two weeks back. One underlying theme that I picked from all their commentary was the focus on protection plans that these companies intend to focus on –Continue reading “Term Insurance – A win-win Proposition!”

Portfolio Diversification – Striking an optimum risk-return trade-off

Diversification of investments is often understood as a way to benefit from growth in various asset classes which could come at different points of time. But whats equally important is it helps manage the ups and downs of financial markets if done right. Essentially, diversification is nothing but a risk-return trade-off! Diversification means different thingsContinue reading “Portfolio Diversification – Striking an optimum risk-return trade-off”

Why fuss about liquid funds?

So much has been written about debt funds ever since the Franklin saga unfolded though liquid funds as a segment has largely remained unaffected and have infact been projected as fail-safe avenue. Are liquid funds really indispensable for retail investors portfolio? May be not. Liquid funds as the name suggests tend to invest in shortContinue reading “Why fuss about liquid funds?”