Financial Resolution for New Year err… Every Year!

As the last month of 2020 approached, I tucked myself into the warmth of my cozy blanket and spent almost the whole month completing unfinished tutorials, unread books, and unheard podcasts that I had thought of finishing long back. The more I read and reflected, the more I became convinced about the two most powerfulContinue reading “Financial Resolution for New Year err… Every Year!”

Are you a person of words or actions?

The recent surge in the stock markets has once again got the tongues wagging about missed opportunity. For each investor in the market, there is an equal numbers who are sitting at ringside whose opinion oscillates with market movements. Pedestal investing thus is the worst form of investing as it vitiates learning which comes throughContinue reading “Are you a person of words or actions?”

…and Sensex hits all-time high!

Stock markets are booming again with bellwether indices recording lifetime high today in less than nine months of hitting the 5-year bottom. This comes at a time when the world is going through pandemic, and things back home are more fragile not just in terms of health emergency but also on economic front and nationalContinue reading “…and Sensex hits all-time high!”

Kaun Banega Crorepati – Now vs Then

KBC Season is on and the enthusiam continues to remain as high as at the first season despite the various factors remaining the same – the host, the format, the set, and the prize money. Wait did I say prize money is the same? Not truly as the money today is not equal to whatContinue reading “Kaun Banega Crorepati – Now vs Then”

Penny saved is a penny earned!

This is the time of the year when festivities begin to ring in across the globe and businesses are looking to salvage the massive dent caused by pandemic in the first half through aggressive marketing campaigns. While everyone wants a booming economy and return to normalcy, it may be important to not get drown byContinue reading “Penny saved is a penny earned!”

Money Lessons from Moneyball!

It was a series of co-incidences that I stumbled upon the genius of Billy Beane who shook the US major league baseball with his absolutely different approach towards team formation. His recent move out of Oakland A after 3 decades could be a major sporting development but his work there makes for an intriguing caseContinue reading “Money Lessons from Moneyball!”

Gandhian Principles and Personal Finance

The world is a beautiful place with all the innovations which keep happening from the nooks of villages to the millenium cities. At times it amazes me to see the solutions crafted by artisans for day to day problems and on many other occassions the creativity behind some antics equally amuses me. Like the belowContinue reading “Gandhian Principles and Personal Finance”

Diligence more than liquidity shall drive re-rating of small and mid-caps.

A series of developments over last two weeks starting with SEBI prescribing exposure limits for mutual fund schemes to the recent furore over a mid-cap OFS got me thinking about how the retail investors can stay protected from the volatility thats inherent to this universe and yet benefit in long term. Active investing outside ofContinue reading “Diligence more than liquidity shall drive re-rating of small and mid-caps.”

Stay clear of debt securities of banks amid trembling yields and their need for capital. Period.

The recent news article about largest state-run bank raising Rs.4000 crore through AT1 bonds last week must have brought some sour memories of not so recent past. Yes Bank saga underscored the importance of doing financial diligence particularly when the deal looks too lucrative. With many banks treading near the regulatory requirement of capital adequacyContinue reading “Stay clear of debt securities of banks amid trembling yields and their need for capital. Period.”

Managing interest rate uncertainity imperative for fixed-income investors

There is no denying the fact that yield curve or interest rates in common parlance are in a structurally declining trend across the globe with India being no exception. However, the sharp cut in rates over the a shorter period in last few quarters has woken up fixed income investors primarily the aging population whoContinue reading “Managing interest rate uncertainity imperative for fixed-income investors”